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Don't just take my word for it..

As a direct result of the coaching, I have already regained a lot of confidence and gained a lot of clarity about some patterns that I’ve been repeating in my life and business. I also feel much more aware about certain things I tell myself or I think constantly, which is quite a lovely feeling as I can now actually pause and consider these thoughts.

This was my first time ever working with a coach so I was a little nervous as I had no idea what it’d be like. I also know that there are a lot of quite woo-woo coaches out there which isn’t really what I am after, so I was hoping Sam’s approach wouldn’t be too hippy-dippy for me, which it definitely wasn’t.

I like that it felt very comfortable working with Sam, it felt more like having a drink with a mate rather than having a coaching session. He also didn’t force any opinions or tools on me but helped me uncover things myself. I also really liked getting ‘homework’ assignments. I used the questions as prompts for journaling which helped me really internalise and dig even a little deeper.

I really feel much more confident in my business and my own views again. I’m a new business owner and digital nomad and at times it’s overwhelming. From our first session, I already learned that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed because I am trying to do too many things myself. I can’t do them all well, so I am letting some of them go. And I don’t feel bad about it. I’m also letting go of the belief that I have to be super organised in order to ever be successful.

I would definitely recommend coaching with Sam to my peers, it’s really opened my mind to how positive an impact it can have. I think everyone who’s feeling overwhelmed, procrastinates a lot, puts huge pressure on themselves and their businesses can benefit from working with him. Especially people who appreciate a more science-based approach rather than a woo-woo angle will enjoy working with Sam.

Jennifer Lachs, Location Independent

Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad Girls

As a result of several sessions, I got a really well-structured picture of my status-quo and an understanding of why am I facing the challenges that I have. This helped to identify pain points, and even pin solutions. It all felt really liberating. I remember that before my first session I felt incredibly overwhelmed and didn’t know how to deal with my life situation, but decomposing it and structuring made it much simpler. I now have an action plan. I also started implementing it, and it feels great. I’m on the right track.

I had a previous basic experience with coaching, so I was totally sceptical and not sure if I could achieve anything at all with it, but I decided to go for it because I knew Sam in person and I really liked him and his communication style. So, I thought that even if coaching doesn’t work out, I would have a nice time talking with a smart person. But it went way beyond my expectations!

I would definitely recommend Sam to entrepreneurs like me because it frequently gets really lonely in here and you need extra leverage to be efficient from all sides of your life. Well-travelled himself, Sam really gets the notion of location independence, and for me it was important we were on the same page. I always felt Sam was giving a lot of value.

The most important thing to consider – you’ve got to prepare to be honest in front of yourself. It’s not always easy, but it pays off!

Maria S, Russia / Spain

Entrepreneur, ReStation Coliving & Coworking // Nomad Train

My sessions with Sam brought real clarity to a number of issues I had been struggling with, especially around procrastination and blocked decision-making.

Within one session, I felt I was able to think through and understand the issues in a more objective manner and came to a decision about how I would resolve them. The next day I had already started making the changes – what a great transition!

Sam is a really great guy – personable, calm and friendly. His speedy rapport building abilities meant I felt comfortable diving deep into a number of issues quickly. His thoughtful style of coaching was challenging and action-oriented. Great sessions, which I both looked forward to and enjoyed. Thanks! 

Georgie, UK

Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker, Trigger Conversations

Before working with Sam I was a bit lost and thanks to the coaching I was able to understand several things that were pushing me backwards. I was able to identify the blocks and work on them.

I am now more aware of what really matters for me to be happy and to reach my goals.

Andrea, Location Independent


As a direct result of the coaching with Sam, I gained emotional, financial and physical independence after several setbacks. I moved into my own apartment. I also gained the courage to live from my heart more and put out work into the public domain that I really believed in and was passionate about.

Before the coaching, I was quite depressed due to health troubles and had a loss of identity after multiple setbacks. The coaching helped me find my inner light again, to recognise what I truly value, what lights me up, and helped me take small steps towards achieving it.

The coaching process helped me find my inner strength and acknowledge my needs and wants, and enabled me to set my mind in the right direction. I feel I have completely changed since the first session and I feel very grateful. I feel like I now have the ability to stay true to myself; no matter what the situation.


Freelance Copywriter and Creative

Coaching with Sam helped me create and nail down my “Essentialism tightrope” workflow chart – what I want from my life on a daily basis and how to decide what opportunities to say yes/no to.

Sam helped me realise fears I have around image, vulnerability and authenticity and made me feel equipped to go out and kick these in the butt!

I managed to paint a picture of what my desirable future looks like, so I can work backwards on how to get there. I realised I was filtering myself with certain people/situations and decided to start being 100% Louise as much as possible!

I was already extremely goal orientated but now I am clearer about the personal side of what I want my life to look like overall, and where to focus my energy for optimum happiness.

Louise (DigitalNomadGirl), Location Independent

Digital Nomad Youtuber, Digital Nomad Girl

Coaching with Sam has made a real difference to me in terms of focus, productivity and satisfaction.

The most important shift was allowing myself to re-prioritise my values. While this may not be visible to others, the result is feeling more comfortable and confident with the choices I have made.

Sam created and held an incredibly safe space when I was feeling vulnerable and really needed an empathetic, independent listener. I really liked how well he noticed my language and reflected on what it might mean for me at a deeper level, in the moment and across sessions.

I enjoyed how Sam balanced both deeper personal work (as with my values) and practical action. Being held accountable for various short-term actions between coaching sessions helped me gain momentum and feel productive.

I would recommend Sam to people in transition from one way of working to another.

Mia, UK

Freelance Coach and Leadership Consultant, Coaching With Mia

I let go of the limiting belief that “If I mess it up, it will be a disaster”.

What I liked best about working with Sam was the relaxed manner in which he guided me through my challenges. I felt like I was speaking to a good friend who actively listened and was completely non-judgmental.

I have had a greater understanding of where to take my career, I have had a reduction in actual physical pain and improved the way I perceive the pain. The coaching gave me the space to express myself knowing that there was no judgment on my expression. Just verbalizing my thoughts helped understand my situation tremendously. I have been reminded of the importance of speaking with others about my challenges rather than bottling them up.

Working with Sam has given me profound insights, he has been a major catalyst in achieving my goals. His relaxed style of coaching allows you to feel like your speaking to an old friend who knows just what to say.

I would recommend Sam to colleagues as he is clearly skilled at helping fellow coaches/trainers and to other guys my age as I personally found him very relatable.

I appreciated how he always asked me if I was happy to go a certain route in the conversation or talk about something else. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, learnt a lot about myself and always came off the phone with insights and feeling more positive.

Joe Patch, UK

Communications Trainer and Inspirational Speaker, Joe Patch

Thank you so much Sam for coaching me and helping me to find clarity about what I really want in life.

I realised that photography is more than a passion for me and that I want to generate an income by that, at least part-time. Therefore I decided to dedicate more time to practice to improve my skills and create better images that sell.

I tend to choose the most secure way in life, therefore, I was doubting if I would ever be able to compete as a photographer and be able to earn money from it. But I learned that whatever I really want, to spend a lot of time with it and as a result get more and more professional and that will finally lead to success.

What I really like about working with Sam is that he helps you to find answers inside you without telling you what to do. It was just great to have someone as a sparring partner to reflect my thoughts and life.

I would totally recommend Sam as a coach because he doesn’t tell you what to do, but gives you enough guidance and reflection to find the right answers yourself.

Martin Nabert, Colombia / Germany

Nabert Photography

Before the coaching, I felt the need for a clear goal in order to get unstuck. After working with Sam, I realized, that it is not a clear goal that I need, but a direction and an open mindset.

It became very clear to me how “certainty/safety” driven I am and that my need for control can get me stuck sometimes. Nowadays, I embrace uncertainty and focus on taking action now instead of over-planning.

Anon, Germany

UX Consultant

As a result of the coaching, I now have more clarity, confidence, positivity and awareness. I became aware of a lot of thoughts and emotions that were inside me that I was unable to see before, This experience has made me stronger. I have let go of my inferiority complex, I feel empowered and capable to get what I want.

I had had some experience with personal coaching in the past, but it was very superficial. So, I thought why not try a different coaching approach?

Sam helped me look inside myself and to understand things that were not clear to me, I felt supported all the time, I felt it was a friendly process, it was not work, it was like having a mentor who knows you well and wants to make you improve in the personal and professional field in a human way of working. I feel more connected to my interior and this has helped me to have more confidence and this also reflects in my professional life.

I had an amazing journey with Sam and I would love for other people to experience this. It has been a process of growing, learning and gaining clarity. I would recommend Sam to people that are in process of change or want to improve their life.

I cried, I discovered a lot of things inside me, I gained clarity, I grew, I improved and am now passionate about my life in a different way. I have a vision now that was unclear before we started. It has been an amazing experience, a wonderful process. I’m very happy with the result and most importantly, I’m highly motivated to keep progressing.

Sara, Colombia

Entrepreneur, Coffee Translator

Sam was able to skilfully point out what had been holding me back, some of which I was not aware of, by asking the ‘right’ questions. This enabled me to see my world in a completely different light. Having that awareness has allowed me to take the necessary action steps to finally achieve an unwavering belief in myself, which has had an impact on several aspects of my life.

He truly is an incredibly perceptive, insightful, caring and a supportive coach. His calm, non-judgmental attitude enabled me to open up about issues that have been plaguing me for years.

I’m so grateful for our work together. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Sam to anyone who wants to get out of their own head and achieve what they really want out of life.

Anon, UK

Sam has helped me in many areas but in particular my limiting beliefs and my tendency to procrastinate which were areas that I couldn’t really solve on my own. Our sessions switched on a light bulb insight of me. He really understands to point out easy ways to positively alter your current state of awareness. I enjoyed our direct and open conversations as well as the thoughtfully designed training materials that he sent me for homework.

I met Sam by coincidence while travelling Colombia and felt an instant connection. Especially his relaxed and open-minded personality made it easy for me to have deep conversations instantly. Without having met Sam, the power of 1on1 coaching would have remained hidden from me. I never thought about coaching as a possible solution towards personal problems. After one session with Sam, I realized the power of having him listen to me consciously for 1 hour.

I really appreciate Sam’s open-minded and relaxed attitude. Furthermore, it was very easy for me to open up and reflect on really personal issues because of his non-judgmental coaching style. With Sam, you can open up on personal weaknesses that you might not even tell your best friend. He is a good listener and really focuses on what is being said as well as helping you in figuring out tactics for personal growth.

I appreciate having met Sam and highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to get a clear and objective perspective on a personal topic. I always felt excited before our sessions and am looking forward to many more. Thank you Sam.  

Robin, Germany

As a result of the sessions with Sam, I feel like I’ve been letting go of the belief that I’m not “good enough” to achieve what I want to, especially professionally. I’m finally taking action to change things, specifically applying for the job(s) of my dreams, not caring about the outcome, rather about the fact that I’m not scared of trying.

I’m much more aware of things I was unhappy about (that I ended up burying in the back of my head rather than face them) and I now apply one of the tools Sam showed me to basically everything.

 I wasn’t entirely sure if a life coach would have actually made a difference and I was very sceptical about the legitimacy of such a profession but Sam is rational and doesn’t feed you “motivational” crap (there’s YouTube for that). I would recommend him to anyone who has a lot of potential but they don’t really believe in themselves and their skills.

If you are considering working with Sam, it’s important to know that he isn’t going to pull you out of the hole but he will teach you how to climb back out.

Anon, Italy

Sam has helped me to unravel the mess of ‘cables’ in my head, so I can see a lot clearer and the actions I’ll need to take to get to a specific goal. He helped me to perceive my confused ideas, not as ‘stressful’ but as processes I can tackle when I want, in steps. Whenever I do tackle a ‘step’ I feel a great sense of personal achievement even though it may be a small thing for most people.

He is supportive without getting too involved and his coaching style is positive and friendly, so I look forward to our chats, it’s always fun. I trust Sam, and I think this trustworthy-ness comes across in his coaching style. Being someone I trust, helps me allow myself to talk about personal issues with more ease.

When answering some of the style of questions he asked, it became more obvious how my negative beliefs were talking instead of my rational brain. This has helped me by flagging up, that my negative beliefs are something that is possible to counteract, and now I hope I can rationalise my thinking whenever these occur. If I can do this, it would be a brilliant result.

Sam is always extremely punctual and reliable and does what he says he’s going to do in terms of support – this is an important quality, in my opinion.

Rosie, UK

I feel that along with generally being able to think differently, and more importantly, positively about situations and experiences in my life, I’ve also benefited by being more willing to talk to friends and family about my feelings.

Before working with Sam, I definitely viewed talking therapies and techniques of all kinds as “wishy-washy” so I would certainly say I was highly sceptical. Sam is extremely easy to talk to so I felt at ease from the very first session and this definitely helped me to talk more freely and openly about my feelings.

He was also honest when something that I said resonated with him or had been experienced by him. This helped me realise that, for example with limiting beliefs, it’s something irrational that I’d constructed in my head, and wasn’t something that other people viewed about me.

However difficult you may find it to open up and talk about your feelings I can guarantee that after speaking with Sam in your first session you will think differently about it. I genuinely enjoyed talking with him, even if it was a tough subject for me, and left each session thinking positively and re-energised.

We also covered a lot of different topics in our sessions and I felt that Sam was always well informed and had useful inputs.

Matt, UK

Financial Services

After coaching with Sam, I finally got to act on developing my diplomacy skills.

Before coaching, I used to tell myself I would improve but didn’t really make a real effort or take practical steps.
Working with Sam showed me that I was lying to myself in terms of understanding which efforts I was really doing towards getting better diplomacy skills. He asked the right questions for me to get a clearer understanding of what to do next.

Sandra Garcia, Spain

NGO Manager

Sam is a GREAT coach, very patient and adaptive, he understands your difficulties to the fullest and will always do his best to empower you and help you reach your goals! I definitely recommend him. Raphael, France

Entrepreneur, Designer & Investor

Thanks to the coaching with Sam, I was able to significantly improve and expand my soft skills in the field of communication. This benefited both my personal and business life. In addition, other topics were also covered, which are now “somewhat more orderly”.

Working together was always very pleasant. What I liked most was the relaxed nature of the dialogue, and that suggestions were also made on certain situations. I’ve gotten a little wiser out of every session. This also gave me a good feeling.

I would definitely recommend Sam’s coaching to anyone who is trying to optimize things in their life or is a little unsure about their current situation.

Personally, I always kept my distance from coaching because it always seemed like “voodoo” to me. The coaching with Sam didn’t fulfill that stereotype at all!

Bjӧrn, Germany

I feel more capable of reaching the goals that I set out to achieve, I feel more confident and more motivated.

After working with Sam there is a part of me that no longer believes the idea that I can’t do it. By doing small things I can see the finish line getting closer. I also believe now that if I achieve this there will be no losses – a new thought that I could create as a result of the conversation. Certainly, the idea that I can’t do something because I couldn’t before is no longer an excuse. I’d like to focus on the present moment, not the past.

What I liked best about working with Sam was that he listened attentively. He was patient and non-judgemental. I could experience finding the answers within me and seeing things from a different perspective. I feel more confident.

Patricia Hood, Argentina / Spain

Sam has helped me realise it is possible to have more of what you want in a career; even working for someone else you can shape an opportunity to meet your needs.

As a result of the coaching, I am now writing down my career goals, wants, needs – and focussing on this whilst assessing job descriptions, companies and interview discussions. Sam helped me deep dive career opportunities before progressing – not just a superficial scan but asking the question “can I shape the opportunity?”

Sam is a beacon of positive thinking in a world full of naysayers.

Caroline E, Australia

Before the coaching, I did have some hesitations due to Sam’s previous experience and methodology but as a result of the coaching, I set my goals and started taking action pursuing those goals.

Sam really took care of my challenges and seemed genuinely interested in helping me.

Through doing the coaching, I realised that it’s always possible to improve and that Sam’s honest approach helped me a lot to see the different points of view of my challenges.

Carlos, Spain

I didn’t sleep for about three days after our meeting which shows that we touched something deeper, After the confusion, it gave me a wave of energy which I can constantly refer to in my hopes and future plans.

As a direct result of the coaching, I am certainly more aware of my habits of self-judgmentalism and judgmentalism generally, which helps me in day to day situations. It has increased my self-awareness.

I hadn’t really seen a ‘therapist’ or a ‘life coach’ before, so the idea of opening up to a stranger needed some adjustment but the coaching made me realise a couple of things related to ambition and fulfilment. It was remarkable to hear what flowed out of my mouth if I can say that. It was a very useful insight into myself with a professional listener as the catalyst.

I liked Sam’s crazy neutral poker face when faced with contentious, surprising or very personal outpourings. He had a softly softly and very even-handed approach to the whole process, with utter professionalism, and a way of creating a space for me do the understanding, not imposing it from above.

I would (and have) highly recommend Sam to those at a crossroads. Having that space to unravel turns out to be hugely useful. The most important thing to know about working with Sam is that you’re not going to receive advice. You are going to go into a space where you realise things on your own terms, from which you can act, if you choose to. It is the opportunity for some fantastic insight into yourself and your nature.

Anon, UK Based


The coaching provided me with more clarity on my vision to leave a meaningful legacy and how to accomplish it. Highly recommend.
Kyle Prinsloo, South Africa

As a result of the coaching, I was able to form concrete ideas around the vague thoughts I had about my work. 

I had rough thoughts but was unable to form them into actionable ideas. Talking with Sam helped me have a sounding board that I could bounce those thoughts off and become clearer.

Dhanish, Portugal

Developer, Dhanish

Sam helped me gain a clear direction of where I’d like to go within myself and my business.

Before coaching I was on the edge of burnout needing balance within my life and Sam helped me appreciate the need for balance within my life for both my health and mindset.

Anon, UK

Before coaching, I had vague goals and no real direction in trying to achieve these goals. Sam helped me focus on what I wanted and what I needed to do to get there.

It taught me to just get on with it. Stop procrastinating and just push on. Things in the world seem a lot more complex and difficult than they actually are, and if you are aware of that, you can make changes to move forward.

As a result, I arranged to travel around Europe and booked up an exam to take my career to the next level.

Brad C, UK

Chartered Financial Planner