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Hey You

If you say “Yes, that’s me Sam” to 2 or more on this list then you are in the right place:

  • You should be happy on paper but you are feeling unfulfilled or something is missing.
  • Your enthusiasm and creative mind have you trying to take on all the things but it’s like spinning too many plates and you burn yourself out with overwhelm or even the inability to decide which plates to spin.
  • You care about what others think so you execute to a high standard but also sometimes don’t start or don’t finish and it’s draining.
  • You have a self-critical voice which spurred you on to get where you are today. That same voice is holding you back from your next level.
  • You are successful and keep progressing but impostor syndrome has you feeling like a fraud.
  • You complete a project or task, celebrate it for 30 seconds, focus on the one thing you could have done better then ask yourself “What’s next?”
  • You are proud and independent and don’t need help. So you are missing your own personal support team.
  • Know there are parts of you and your personality you are holding back and you want to unleash them.
  • You know you have more to give and want to bring it.

Are You Ready To

  • Make an impact on other people’s lives?
  • Find that vision that engages and motivates you?
  • Create something new in the world (a business, a service, a program, a movement)?
  • Be more productive with your time and energy?
  • Be more you, and fulfilled in ALL areas of your life?
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and others?
  • Get more life balance?
  • Be happier with work AND life?

If you are thinking NOW is the time to TAKE CONTROL of your life, APPLY for a complimentary 2-hour (yes, 2 hours) coaching session to help you find the blocks and get started.