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[TL;DR] Here’s what you will get from reading the chunk of text below:

  1. A better idea of why you aren’t being as productive as you plan to
  2. How I can support you to get to the next level you know you are capable of
  3. How to take action today

Hey, welcome!

Let’s get right to it. Here is a simple metaphor to explain what I do and how I can support you..

Here Is Where You Are – Island A

  • You feel like your life is passing and you are not accomplishing what you planned
  • You are frustrated with your lack of progress
  • You have lots of ideas, goals and projects on the go but most of them are rarely seen through to completion
  • You spend hours reading and learning but rarely have something to show for the effort
  • You know you have the ability and potential but your mind is second-guessing you and causing some doubt
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You feel you are disappointing yourself and possibly a sense you are also disappointing others

Here Is Where You Want To Be – Island B

  • You have CLARITY on where you are going, why you are doing it and how to get there
  • You have more FOCUS and keep on track
  • You have internal MOTIVATION (rather than from external deadlines)
  • You have the ENERGY to execute what you plan
  • You are PROUD of what you have achieved
  • You are CONTENT within yourself

Here Is Why You Are Where You Are 

  • You have too many goals which detract from each other
  • You aren’t motivated internally enough by your goal(s)
  • You have unconsciously created a “perfect system” to prevent you doing what you say you want to
  • Your daily habits and behaviors are detrimental to your energy levels
  • Your balance of Input (reading and learning) and Output (creation and something to show) is lopsided toward input (disguised as being “busy”)
  • You don’t have the support mechanisms in place or a strategy to keep on track when the going gets tough

Here Is Why It Is Hard To Get Off Island A

  • You are unsure of which goal(s) to commit to and focus on (so you either do all of them or don’t start any)
  • You are unaware of your “perfect system” so you will continue to act out the very behaviours which are preventing you getting to the next level
  • You haven’t got the energy to execute your plans so progress is slow or hard or even both
  • It’s hard to spot and work with the root causes of inaction yourself because the same brain that wants to fix the cause is the same brain that created the cause in the first place
  • You feel the busy work is actually being productive
  • You are scared to fail

Here Is How I can Get You To Island B

  • Help you work out which goals to focus on
  • Help you work out what NOT to focus on and say NO to
  • Help you Identify your perfect system – the behaviours you currently do to keep you safe and prevent you from progressing
  • Help you increase your natural energy so you have the reserves to execute your plans
  • Help you design a strategy so you know what to do each morning
  • Help you design and instil habits and rituals that support your goals
  • Help you design a strategy to get back on track when you fall off track

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Here Are The General Principles To Help You On Your Journey

  • Less But Better – Focusing on fewer things but doing them better. Both in terms of tasks and your abilities
  • Discomfort Compass – If you feel that discomfort (equal levels of fear and excitement), that’s where we need to go and that’s where the magic happens
  • Reframing Failure – Experiment. Try something, see what works, what doesn’t. Use that data. Repeat

Where I Come In

80% of success in life is psychology and 20% is mechanics.

I am trained in transformational coaching which focuses more on the psychology rather than the mechanics and tactics. It’s the psychology that usually prevents us from taking action. We can work out the strategy quite easily by just googling or asking/hiring someone who knows. If success was that easy, we’d all be doing what we plan to right?

A lot of coaches and “how to” articles only concentrate on the 20% of the mechanics. I concentrate mainly on the 80% but also the 20% and therefore covering the full 100%.

No fluff, no woo-woo or motivational quotes. Although this is mainly psychology, you will have practical steps to help you take action too.

I am not an expert in your field or even your goal but..

  • I am an expert at removing and reducing distraction so focus can be improved
  • I am an expert in spotting your patterns of restrictive behaviour
  • I am an expert on how to get more energy
  • I am an expert in making you uncomfortable / getting you out of your comfort zone
  • I am an expert in project management. And the project is life

Who Is This For?

I work best (but not exclusively) with designers, developers and entrepreneurs who:

  • Have a track record of taking action
  • Like the idea of experimentation
  • Work within emerging technologies & emerging markets
  • Are willing to potentially change their mind to reach their potential
  • Are willing to invest to get that feeling of pride and accomplishment

Like The Vibe Here?

If any of this resonates with you and you are ready to go deeper, here are your options: